MSTB Commissioning Group

MSTB Commissioning Group is a specialized division of MSTB, Inc., dedicated to LEED-certified projects for both Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning. We serve most of the East Coast on a variety of projects, with a focus on military and LEED-certified projects. Employing more than 40 personnel year-round, we are also one of the largest NEBB-certified firms in the area, and following rigid standards to ensure that NEBB-Commissioned systems are fully operational and operating functioning at designed efficiency. With unmatched technology and experience, MSTB Commissioning Group is your trusted partner to get the job done right.


HVAC Commissioning is a proactive, systematic process that facilitates communication between owners, designers and contractors. We verify that the design meets the owner’s requirements, the equipment is installed and operated according to the construction documents and manufacturer's instructions, the devices are calibrated, and the equipment operates together smoothly.

For further information or if you need a quote for a project, please email or call us.