Fort Pickett Regional Training Institute

The Fort Pickett RTI project consists of eight standalone buildings, three billeting buildings, one officer candidate school, one regimental administration building, one dining facility, one auditorium and one educational building. MSTB Cx Group is performing the HVAC & Controls, Electrical, Lighting and Domestic Hot Water Systems Commissioning.

The first-phase construction includes an 8,000-square-foot regimental headquarters building; a 61,500-square-foot education building with administrative space for the institute’s three training battalions; classrooms; a library; a learning center; a maintenance classroom; a medical aid station; a supply area and fitness center; a 9,700-square-foot Officer Candidate School building with offices, administrative work space, a conference room, classrooms and counseling areas; and a 250-seat, 4,900-square-foot auditorium.